How You Can Maximise Your Space With Vertical Storage

Space is one of the most valuable commodities when it comes to storage. Too little can be frustrating but expanding – or buying more – is expensive. Nevertheless, for most businesses, the need for space is something that continues as the organisation grows. There are smart ways to accommodate this need that don’t involve spending significantly on buying more space. All you need to do is maximise the square footage that you already have by capitalising on the wasted areas – the vertical space.

Simple but effective

Vertical storage is such a simple solution – if you no longer have enough floor space for your storage needs, simply look up. Vertical storage has two clear advantages when it comes to maximising the space that you have:

Get more from the same space

You could potentially double, perhaps even triple your existing storage capacity with vertical storage. The right storage systems significantly increase how much available area there is without pushing up costs.

Reduce the space taken up by storage to add value to the business

Vertical storage options provide ways to make existing storage methods more efficient. If you need more space, as opposed to more storage, then with vertical storage you can free up room for other things while maintaining the same storage capacity.

Vertical storage options for every business

The simplest way to create vertical storage is stacking, whether that’s boxes or palettes. However, this isn’t the most effective option and may also create some issues when it comes to access as well as health and safety. Solutions that have been specifically designed for vertical storage tend to be much more effective. Vertical carousels and racks, for example, offer a way to increase capacity while also ensuring that access is maintained. In fact, often these solutions make storage much more efficient. These are just some of the benefits of using vertical carousels:

  • Reducing labour and floor space costs. Store more inventory in an existing available space with vertical carousels.
  • More efficient picking. Vertical carousels are designed to deliver the required item into the hands of the person who needs it, reducing time spent searching and minimising the opportunity for mistakes.
  • Improving efficiency. You can increase efficiency and productivity with vertical carousels that automate simple processes to make them faster.
  • Setting safety standards. When picking processes are managed through storage systems like vertical carousels, accidents and incidents are considerably reduced.
  • Better inventory control. Using vertical storage solutions, such as carousels, brings more organisation and transparency to the way that your space is run. It’s easier to get perspective on inventory and to ensure that it is always being properly monitored and controlled.

A range of solutions exist for vertical storage, from automated carousels through to static racks. All have the potential to increase the capacity of available storage space to help meet the needs of a growing business in a cost effective way.

If you’d like to find out more about the vertical storage options available to your business please get in touch with Randex today.

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