File Upgrades & Transfers

For the implementation of a new filing system to be a total success consideration must be given to the process of change. It is important that your business concentrates on its core purpose and that is where the Randex Transfer Team takes over.

Working either along side your employees or out of hours to minimize any possible disruption we will.

  • Note all details of indexing on current system.
  • Order recommended supplies.
  • Create new folders.
  • Deliver, transfer contents from old to new.
  • Load folders into the system.

This can be considered for all types of projects.

  • Changing lateral suspended filing to shelf filing.
  • Changing vertical suspended filing to shelf filing.
  • Moving to a new building.
  • Amalgamation of departments or offices.
  • Transfer of records where contents need to be fastened or punched.
  • A total upgrade and transfer from old to new systems.

All work is treated with total confidentiality. When ever files are moved crates are logged and sealed for your total peace of mind.