Service & Support

Randex Ltd has its own nationwide maintenance organisation based in Leicester and Hamilton. Our maintenance personnel have many years of experience and extensive training, and our service team are trained and certified with a number of accreditation bodies.

Our telephone support is open to those who have signed a contract for remedial maintenance. +44 (0)208 492 7717 or +44 (0)1698 532 000.

Opening times for telephone support Weekdays 8.00-16.00.

Ordering spare parts

Get in touch with us if you have any doubt or are uncertain about our support, service or spare parts. We will gladly help. Alternatively, if you have identified the part required and know what you need, you can quickly and simply order spare parts by email. Just send an email with your order to:

We will get in touch with you once we receive the order and have shipped the spare parts to you.

Maintenance contract for Vertical storage lifts

A sure path to trouble-free operation

Compact vertical storage lifts have important functions for efficient warehouse management and integrated production. Contracted maintenance is the best way to ensure continuous trouble-free operation. The contract also improves the chances of maximising the benefits of the vertical storage lift.

The maintenance contract clearly specifies the actions covered by the agreement, when they should be performed and at what cost.

Randex Service and Support contracts provide for both preventative maintenance and remedial maintenance. A complete agreement combining both aspects is a contract that gives you the highest priority in case of emergency need for support.

Support client for troubleshooting and training on Vertical Storage Lifts

Randex Ltd uses software developed by Team Viewer to troubleshoot vertical storage lifts. This allows us to easily, safely and quickly connect to your computer system. This speeds up troubleshooting significantly at the same time as the problem is solved directly in the right environment.

It requires no installation or administrator privileges on your computer, you just start an exe file, which in turn communicates via a shared server at TeamViewer; you can always close the session by clicking on the 'shut down' button on your control panel, which is automatically positioned in the bottom right corner of your computer screen.