Move Management

Our Move Management services include warehousing and storage solution moves, from static shelving through to vertical carousel storage solutions.

The Randex team believes that planning is key to a smooth warehouse move, so our team can fully-manage your move, from the initial planning through to stock auditing, and storage requirements. We also offer a survey, which can assess your requirements, including the best packing materials for your equipment, a full stock inventory, and the actual move itself.

What makes successful Warehouse Move Management?

When creating a plan to manage your move, we look at all the details of your warehouse content, and our experience in warehouse storage and management enables us to create a plan that covers all areas. We evaluate your requirements and put together a plan with the costs and any further requirements for your warehouse move. For customers preferring to pack their own goods, we can supply the packaging, labels, and help with the move process.

Our Move Management service gives our customers the smoothest and quickest possible warehouse move, in a stress-free way.