Times-2 ®

Times-2 is the original Rotary Filing unit.

Double Capacity Filing

Times-2 can best be described as 2 filing cupboards placed back to back rotating within an outer, modular cabinet. This allows the operator to access double the amount of filing from the same location. When the operator presses the positive locking foot pedal the unit can be rotated with one hand, (the other hand potentially holding records to be filed).

Modular System

The unit has 4 fixed positions (2 open and 2 closed). The foot pedal aids productivity prevents free spin and therefore any potential Health & Safety hazard. As a modular system, each run of Times-2 is built with an initial Starter Unit. Add-on units are then fitted to the Starter to provide the required capacity.

Filing Add-Ons

When the filing system grows, further Add-on units are fitted, as necessary. Times-2 conforms to the ‘form follows function’ design principle, this has promoted its success at delivering high density storage and fast retrieval not only for records and documentation but across many different applications from hot desk storage systems to ammunition’s and weaponry!

The photos below highlight some of the different applications where Times-2 has been utilised to solve a problem.