In 2004 the Miller Family made a strategic decision to enter the European market place where it established Randex Ltd. to trade as the European arm of the Miller Companies, web site links of which appear as companies trading in the USA.

Randex welcomes enquiries from company’s world wide to act as agents for our range of Materials Handling & Document Management Systems.

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Working in Association With:
In 2005 Compact appointed Randex as its UK Distributor for the Compact Lift and Twin Vertical Lift System

Installations of the Compact Lift and Twin Vertical Lift System in Sweden exceeded 600 units. Details of these can be discussed on request to 0870 609 1965.

Compact are a company within the Weland AB Group which was founded 1947. The company had revenue in the financial year 2006-2007 of 500 million SEK (39,594,000)
Quality service, repair, installation and moves of Vertical Lifts/Carousels and Conveyors.
Quality service, repair, installation and moves of Vertical Lifts/Carousels and Rotary Filing units in Northern Ireland.
Working with Randex to provide professional document management solutions (software & systems).Specialists in multi-media image scanning for electronic management,publishing,print and archiving applications. With bases throughout the UK Randex and International Digital Solutions Limited are able to offer a complete digital solution to information-capture,management,print storage and secure disposal.
Randex are the UK and European Strategic Partner for the IFC.

International Filing Company (ifc) is a leading specialty filing manufacturer.ifc’s extensive and well diversified product line provides a full array of solutions for today’s filing needs. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, talented team of design specialists and commitment to filing solutions, we can provide products and services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Barkley and Century Index, having now combined their synergies, holds true to the belief that a diversified product line and an unwavering commitment to quality customer care are critical to our operation’s success. As a combined organization, we are pleased to offer the widest range of top quality filing products and the most dedicated support staff.

Redweld, established over 70 years ago, introduced a premium category of expanding pockets and envelopes. Redweld, whose name is synonymous with quality, immediately became the industry leader. Today’s Redweld expanding pockets and Envelopes are the strongest, most durable filing products in the marketplace, offering unmatched protection. Redweld’s unique custom filing products offer the perfect solution for filing needs. Consider such options as a time saving form, a side tab to coincide with the labeling system or a printed firm name for security and image. No matter what filing challenges exist, we will customize any filing product to save time and money.

Trading in the USA:
Automation for Inert Sample Storage, Management and Processing
Innovative solutions to your space, storage, material handling, automation and engineering problems

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British Materials Handling Federation
Records Management Society
Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association
Society of Archivists
Office Furniture Advisory Society
Facilities Management Association
Knowledge Council
British Standards Institute