Fire Protection Safes

Protect your valuable documents and digital media files.

A fire, flood or explosion at commercial premises can be traumatic and put your whole business at risk. As soon as the safety aspects are dealt with, the most important thing is to try and return your business to normal at the earliest possible opportunity. However you can plan to make this as easy as is possible.

Ask yourself some simple questions.

  • Are my media secured?
  • Could my office get caught in a fire, flood or explosion?
  • What would I need to recover after the event?
  • Can I meet BS 2599:2006 Business Continuity Management? (
  • Which media is vital to keep my business going?
  • How do I protect it?

It is essential, whatever the size of the business, that vital media and valuable items are kept secure.

Fire can strike anywhere at anytime and the consequences disastrous. Without being able to prove losses many businesses are left with the possibility of bankruptcy.

Randex is able to advise and supply the most appropriate options:

  • Security Range to cover from 1500 to 150,000.
  • Insulated Range to protect documents and computer media.
  • Tested to international standards S120DIS, S60DIS, 60P, 90P and 120P