How Storage Lockers Could Benefit Your Premises

Storage lockers are incredibly convenient and offer a cost effective way to improve security for those who are regularly on your premises. From schools through to businesses of all types, there are some very good reasons to consider investing in lockers for your premises.

The health and safety issue

Storage lockers give people a dedicated location in which to put their “stuff.” If this doesn’t exist then they tend to find other places to store things, some of which may pose a whole range of different hazards. Premises without storage lockers often find that fire exits become blocked or that bags or items being left out in the open can create a trip hazard. Health and safety issues not only create a lack of trust but can also be incredibly costly. For example, employees who are injured as a result may decide to make a claim against the business if they feel that the problem could have been prevented.

Essential security

All of us carry valuables of some description around with us during the day now, whether that’s a laptop or car keys. Even in environments where there are low risks of theft of property destruction it still makes sense to offer somewhere secure for items to be left while individuals are focusing on other things. Storage lockers are designed to keep essential personal items away from others who might want to interfere with them. They will prevent the opportunistic crime that can arise when items are simply left around, as well as morale issues that this can create. For any premises in need of effective security storage lockers are a great choice.

Space efficient design

When it comes to providing somewhere to securely keep key items, storage lockers are designed to make the best use of the space available. Aesthetically, storage lockers have the advantage of being uniform in appearance – they can be created to fit into any environment without standing out. Plus, they are designed for optimum use of space to enable the maximum number of individuals to use them without increasing the floor area that is required. Storage lockers tend to be much more aesthetically pleasing – and tidier – than other options, such as pigeon holes, for example. Plus, they are available in a range of different sizes and shapes to enable any premises to make the most of the space available.

Fitting in with the design scheme

While storage lockers are unlikely to become a design feature, they can be used to help strengthen brand perception. That may be through the use of colours that fit with logos and branding or when it comes to illustrating the brand values that the organisation has with respect to looking after those that are regularly using the premises.

Storage lockers make a lot of sense for any location where there is a need for a degree of security for possessions for those regularly using it. They are versatile, efficient and cost effective too.

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