Create More Office Space With Storage

For any business today space tends to be at a premium. Smart use of premises when it comes to storage has a wide range of benefits, from creating more room for the business to expand to increasing storage capacity. Organisation starts with the smallest items, from files to stationary supplies – the way that these are stored and accessed can have a big impact on everything, from productivity through to general morale.

Why smart storage solutions matter

Spending control

Disorganised storage may mean unnecessary spending e.g. purchasing duplicate supplies because those already in storage cannot be accessed because of inadequate storage choices.

Productivity and efficiency

Where files and documents are well organised they can be quickly and efficiently accessed by staff, supporting positive productivity and ensuring employees feel they are working in a constructive, well set up environment.

Creating space to grow

If there simply aren’t the resources to buy more space to grow into, smart storage solutions can help to create this from existing square footage, for example by integrating vertical storage solutions.

Health and safety

Innovative storage options enable easy access and help to avoid injuries from lifting boxes or moving heavy items. Many functions can be automated to speed up processes without increasing risks.

How to create more office space with storage solutions

Workplace lockers

The most obvious advantage of lockers is that they come in a variety of dimensions and can even be branded to match a business aesthetic. They provide a simple solution to problems such as where employees can leave belongings while at work – a great alternative to piles of bags or coats that may block fire doors, be at risk of theft, or create a trip hazard.

Library shelving

With library shelving, cantilevers are used to form a storage unit that is able to accommodate a wide range of different items, from files to books and folders.

Library shelving is incredibly flexible

Not only can it be created to an individual specification, designed around space constraints and specific storage requirements, but it can also be finished in a way that suits the surrounding décor. Introducing library shelving can help to make office space better organised and also to provide more room for initiatives to add value to an existing space, for example adding extra desks.

Rotary storage

A simple but efficient solution, rotary storage has two rotating units that can both be reached by a user from the same place. This type of storage is a great solution where space is limited, as it has much more capacity than traditional storage options. It’s also very simple to operate and maintain and can be built to a bespoke specification to accommodate the needs of an individual workplace. A single rotary storage unit is capable of storing several filing cabinet’s worth of documents or files, creating significantly more space within a specific area.

Smart storage solutions offer a simple way for any business to make better use of space. These are just some of the options that exist – contact us to find out more.

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