Benefits Of Filing Carousel Systems

Innovative technology, such as filing carousel systems, enables businesses to make better use of space and to improve efficiency and processes. They are an evolution from manual, traditional storage systems that can be cumbersome and inefficient and they have a wide range of operational and user experience benefits.

Improving accuracy, reducing wasted time

Filing carousel systems that are software driven instantly increase accuracy levels for users. Even with something as straightforward as keypad control, using the filing system becomes more accurate, as staff can find what they are looking for straight away without the need to manually search.

Eliminating mistakes

A lot of time can be wasted by staff looking for items that have been stored in the wrong place or which are missing. This simply doesn’t happen with filing carousel systems, as everything that is stored is much easier to locate and access. Not only does this improve the experience that users have with the storage system but also contributes to outcomes, such as productivity and customer satisfaction.

Ease of use

The way that these systems are designed means that it’s much easier for users to access stored items. Staff don’t have to walk from one shelf to another to locate what they need, as the filing carousel system will bring those items to the individual. This can save a lot of time – another reason why these systems boost productivity – and also contribute to a happier workforce. There is also much less scope for mishandling of heavier items, meaning that workplace accidents or injuries can be reduced.

Reducing storage footprint

Storage space is an issue for many businesses today and finding new ways to get more from existing space can be crucial to keeping costs under control. This is exactly what filing carousel systems are able to offer – a vertical storage system helps to relieve the pressure on horizontal floor space by using airspace instead. This can be used to get more storage from existing space or to reduce existing storage footprint to free up an area for other uses.

Increasing productivity

The efficiency of a filing carousel system reduces wasted time and increases the accuracy of picking or collection by ensuring the correct item is delivered every time. In a picking situation, the use of a filing carousel system means there is no need to search, so the number of picks substantially increases, as this is all the operator is required to do.

Overhauling existing processes

Installing filing carousel systems often means starting again with storage procedures and stock management. This provides a clean baseline from which it’s much easier to organise efficiently going forward.

Up to date inventory control

Installing a filing carousel system improves inventory control, not just by overhauling out of date or inefficient processes but also by enabling better ongoing management. Every item removed is recorded via a touch screen interface, ensuring that inventory is always up to date.

These are just some of the benefits of filing carousel systems that show what they could do for your business. Contact us to find out more.          

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