8 Benefits Of Using Mobile Shelving

In the current financial climate, most businesses face an ongoing challenge when it comes to space efficiency and cost effectiveness. It may simply not be an option to expand or buy new premises to free up space and enable better organisation. This is where mobile shelving can come in very useful – as a tool for improving operational efficiency and even influencing productivity and costs.

1. A cost effective solution

The cost equations work well when it comes to mobile shelving. If you’re looking to create more storage capacity in an existing space you don’t have to spend to do it with mobile shelving. If the need is to free up some of the space currently used for storage for other value adding activities, this too can be achieved with mobile shelving at minimal expense.

2. Bespoke storage

It’s easy to customise mobile shelving based on the needs of the individual business. This type of storage is very adaptable, whether you’re looking for ways to store papers and documents or heavier and bulkier items that need deeper or more substantial structures.

3. Reducing storage footprint

Mobile shelving is the ultimate storage solution because it enables any business to reduce storage footprint by 50% while still maintaining 100% capacity. It’s considerably more effective than lateral storage units – mobile shelving can increase storage capacity by around 300% when compared to these more dated storage options.

4. A more effective working environment

Mobile shelving enables many businesses to be better organised, ensuring that items are easily accessible and staff don’t waste time searching. This not only has a positive impact on productivity but can boost staff morale too. Most people prefer to work in a well-organised environment where they can do their jobs without obstacles.

5. Coping with growth

As mobile shelving units are so versatile it’s simple to plan to accommodate growth as the business changes.

6. Enhancing security measures

Programmable systems bring an element of electronic security where there may previously have been no security or just a simple lock and key. This can be especially crucial for businesses dealing with documents filled with consumer data, storing prototypes, valuable stock or items that relate to the confidentiality of the business. Mobile shelving units can also help improve accountability so that it’s possible to see who has accessed what, and when,

7. Access and efficiency

The very nature of mobile shelving means that it is flexible and can be positioned where it is most needed. This can considerably improve access to items stored in the shelving units and improve the efficiency of workflows too.

8. Safer systems

Mobile shelving units are designed to be safe to operate and use, and to take the strain off staff. They have a big role to play in ensuring that workplaces are safer environments to be in and that accidents and injuries are minimised.

Mobile shelving has much to offer any business. If you’d like to find the right set up for your needs, get in touch.

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