How Can Automated Storage Retrieval Systems Be Efficient?

Automated Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS) have been developed in response to the need to cope with high volume storage, especially where space is limited. They consist of a range of computer-driven options that can pick and place items and loads from pre-defined locations, depending on need. Today, ASRS is increasingly widely used because it offers a very broad range of benefits, from better use of space to more effective processes. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your operations then ASRS may hold the key.

Streamlining the cost of operations

Working with ASRS enables a business to significantly reduce labour costs associated with retrieval processes. An automated system can be used to replace physical labour but can also work well alongside it. With the ASRS handling the high volume, repetitive tasks it’s possible for the business to get more from human employees who are freed up to add value elsewhere.

Improving accuracy

Mistakes are part of having a human workforce but they can also have a negative impact on overall efficiency. Working with ASRS minimises the opportunities for errors or mistakes to happen and increases overall accuracy in key processes. The end result is that the processes are more efficient because they are less prone to error.

Increasing productivity

An ASRS helps to improve the speed at which processes can be completed and tasks carried out, boosting overall productivity and efficiency. Because errors are few and far between, handling can be streamlined and standards are reliable. Pick times can be reduced and more achieved in the same time than with a 100% human workforce. As a result, productivity experiences an increase because everything is being achieved at a faster rate.

A positive impact on safety

There are many ways in which ASRS can have a positive impact on workplace safety. They may be an alternative to human labour where tasks are particularly dangerous or where heavy loads are involved. ASRS can also make it safer for employees by ensuring that loads are being picked up from the correct height and, for example, removing the need for equipment such as ladders or forklifts. A better safety record not only improves employee perception of the business but also has an impact on efficiency. Constant accidents or safety issues are not productive or efficient – working with ASRS reduces these considerably.

Better use of space

ASRS can be tailored to the specific requirements of a space and to enable that space to be more productive. Particularly where space is at a premium this can be crucial to ensuring that the business is operating in the most efficient way. ASRS is particularly useful in situations of high volume storage and can be a better solution for efficiently evolving current use of space than constant redesign or expansion.

ASRS have a lot to add when it comes to improving efficiency. They are very effective in overcoming issues of space and process – contact us to discuss your options.

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