5 Benefits You Should Know About Mezzanines

Floor space is at a premium for every business today. A mezzanine provides a lot of options for cost effectively increasing usable floor space with smart, space saving design. Business across a wide variety of industries are starting to switch on to just how easy it is to use a mezzanine to make more of an existing space. These are five of the benefits of mezzanines to take into account if you’re currently considering this option.

1. More floor space, whatever you need it for

The reason mezzanines are currently getting more popular is purely because they offer an easy solution to space constraints. The addition of a mezzanine instantly adds more usable floor space, whether that is for storage, workspace or offices. A mezzanine allows you to get more from your existing set up and implement a redesign without a costly expansion or move.

2. More sensible spend

There are a number of reasons why a mezzanine is a “sensible spend” option for any business. The first is that the cost of creating additional floor space is considerably lower than if you were adding an extension to the building or creating another floor. Secondly, there are also ancillary cost benefits such as using existing resources for heating e.g. warm air rises so mezzanine level operations will benefit from heating below.

3. A unique area

The addition of a mezzanine provides a way to make your space unique and is particularly useful for retail businesses. This extra space can be designed as a demo area, for example, or somewhere to display product or even as a VIP space. If your business is based around a busy shop floor the addition of a mezzanine could be somewhere quieter with seating where meetings can be held out of the way of the noise below.

4. Simple and bespoke

As mezzanine design is modular it’s very easy to customise it to suit the needs of your business without generating extra spend. Every business is different and the use of a mezzanine offers a wealth of different opportunities, depending on how such an asset is used. Being able to create a mezzanine specifically to suit the needs of an individual business, without a high accompanying cost, makes the mezzanine a very attractive option.

5. Tangible impact on productivity, efficiency etc

Given the additional space that a mezzanine offers to any facility there is considerable scope for positive impact on productivity, efficiency etc. This could be as a result of adding extra workspace or using a mezzanine for storage to free up more room elsewhere. It can also enable a business to be more organised, decluttering other spaces, organising records or product displays and providing opportunities to make an existing space function more productively and effectively.

The benefits of a mezzanine are many, no matter what your business or industry. Whether you’re looking for extra storage or more room to work, a mezzanine level can provide it in a very cost effective way.


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