3 ways that pick-by-voice is transforming modern stock management

Warehouse picking solutions are constantly evolving to enable more efficient and accurate operations. Pick-by-voice is one of the latest evolutions in stock management, a simple and effective way of streamlining the picking process and simplifying the various elements involved. So, how does it work and why does it have such transformative potential for modern stock management?


Voice picking works on the basis of dialogue. It uses straightforward conversation to simplify the process of stock management and ensure that there is an open channel between your team and the mission critical elements of the business. Pick-by-voice is a hands-free warehouse picking solution that means workers are free from carrying reams of paper or digital devices with them and instead rely solely on a headset. It works like this:

  • The picker is given a specific location to go to
  • Once the picker arrives at the location they provide a set of check digits to ensure that they are in the right aisle and by the correct bin
  • The check digits are confirmed and the picker is provided with the quantity required
  • The picker confirms the selection and then moves on to the next one

Pick-by-voice is incredibly simple and optimises the best and most efficient route for a picker to take through the warehouse.

How pick-by-voice is transforming modern stock management

1. Increasing productivity and accuracy in the warehouse

Because voice picking is so simple it’s much easier to optimise the process for productivity. Pickers aren’t required to juggle paperwork or devices and are simply responding to their headset. The result can be up to a 35% improvement in productivity once these types of obstacles are removed. Accuracy too is much easier to achieve when pickers don’t have to pick up and put down paperwork or check and double check what they are supposed to be finding. Chances of making the wrong pick are reduced and accuracy can be increased by up to 85%.

2. Simplifying training and reducing time spent on preparation

There are no complex systems involved in voice picking so training is very straightforward. Average training times are reduced by 67% because staff don’t need to become familiar with labeling systems, software or keyboard processes. Instead, a single 15 minute training session is all that’s required as the picking process itself is entirely driven by step-by-step series of simple commands that anyone can follow.

3. Improving warehouse conditions

Hands-free pickers have a much safer experience in the warehouse and there are fewer accidents when workers have nothing to carry. Many businesses find pickers get more satisfaction from the work and achieve more as a result, which is especially important where there is incentivised picking in place. Satisfied staff are also much less likely to leave – switching to voice picking results in a 50% decrease in staff turnover.

Pick-by-voice is a development that has a lot to offer warehouse operations, from improved efficiency to reduced staff turnover. If you’d like to integrate this technology into your business we can help – contact us to find out more.

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