What Are The Benefits Of Pick By Voice?

Warehouse efficiency – and worker productivity – are fundamental to cost effectiveness today. The speed and accuracy of picking can have a very tangible impact on the bottom line, which makes it increasingly crucial to invest in ways to improve techniques used. Technology has a big role to play in this, especially tech such as Pick By Voice, which is specifically designed to tackle many of the issues that have traditionally hampered efficiency and made competitiveness tough.

What is Pick By Voice?

It is simple technology that has been created to improve accuracy and speed of picking, especially in complex warehouses. Pick By Voice offers an alternative to requiring workers to carry around and consult a large volume of paperwork. Instead, they are able to work hands free, communicating with a Warehouse Management System to confirm the picks made and to receive instructions about which pick to make next. The Warehouse Management System uses an algorithm to check that the selections that are being made are correct and also to provide the next set of instructions to the operatives on the warehouse floor.

5 key benefits of Pick By Voice

  1. Improving concentration to increase productivity. As there is no need for the operative to be continuously consulting paperwork, concentration is improved. The more workers are able to concentrate without being disturbed the more positive the impact on productivity.
  2. Hands free picking. Efficiency of picking is considerably improved thanks to the hands free nature of Pick By Voice. This not only means that warehouse workers are able to get more done per hour but also improves the nature of the experience. Operatives who get more from their jobs and feel supported by technology are much more likely to engage with their work and go the extra mile.
  3. Increasing picks per hour. The maths are fairly simple – the streamlined Pick By Voice process enables workers to do more so pick per hour numbers will rise.
  4. Improving accuracy of picking. With no paperwork to consult, there is an opportunity to improve accuracy across the board for all workers. Cumbersome documents can be misread or misprinted, all of which can lead to a drop in the levels of picking accuracy. With Pick By Voice, workers will confirm the pick with the system before moving on to the next one so there is simply no scope for making a mistake, as the system will confirm whether the pick is accurate.
  5. Better customer service. Often, where a mistake has been made during picking, this may not be obvious until the point at which the customer makes a complaint that they have the wrong item. This simply doesn’t happen with Pick By Voice due to the safeguards in place – switching from a paper to a voice directed picking system can reduce errors by up to 90%.


Today, there is no need for any warehouse operation to struggle with accuracy or productivity. Technology such as Pick By Voice provides a comprehensive solution to improve performance and results


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