Industrial Solutions

Vertical Carousels

Originally designed for storage of file folders, the Randex automated vertical carousel, is now used for a wide variety of applications, from storing engineering parts to high volume picking within distribution centres.

In addition all types of small parts from electronic components to optical lenses can be stored. All of these applications and many more benefit from delivering goods to the operator at an ergonomically correct height maximising productivity.

Benefits of a Carousel

Speed of Operation

At the touch of the button the Carousel presents the goods to the operator at the optimum height; eliminating any bending or stretching.

Space Saving

The Carousel will allow you to accommodate all your records within a much smaller area thereby releasing space for staff.

Greater Staff Satisfaction

Your staff will appreciate the assistance of the Carousel in relieving the fatigue caused by manual equipment. Greater satisfaction creates greater interest, which leads to higher accuracy. This means no lost or mislaid goods while the inherent neatness of the Carousel means very fast reference.

Complete Security

A far greater control of goods can be achieved as the Carousel can be completely immobilised by its locking facility. This provides effective security at the time when the premises are not manned. A fire protection system is also available as an optional extra if required.

Modern Working Environment

The Randex Carousel is the modern method of storage and retrieval, and offers an independently lit comfortable workstation in place of uncomfortable and inconvenient manual storage systems.

Accessibility and Visibility

The complete contents of the carrier are in full view of the operator and the control panel is positioned within easy reach. The whole operation is effortless, which means that the operator can work for hours at a time without fatigue.

Elimination of Fatigue

Manual storage systems can produce operator fatigue in that high proportion of effort is expended in non-productive physical activity, i.e. bending, stretching and walking. The Carousel brings the goods to the operator and not vice-versa.