How can a good filing system adapt the daily operations of your office?

Filing is the most basic of office admin infrastructures – and also one of the most important. Without an efficient filing system in place, documents and records can be lost and it can be time consuming and frustrating for staff trying to locate anything. Positive records management as a result of a good filing system can improve the daily operations of your office in a number of different ways. 

  • Easy referencing. As records, invoices etc are quick to access they can be easily referenced by staff in conversations with customers. As customers don’t have to repeat or re-supply data or documents customer service is improved. 

  • More time-efficient. A high quality filing system enables staff to locate records quickly and without delay. This improves efficiency and operations and enables staff to make better use of individual time. 

  • Preserving and protecting. In a poor filing system, documents can easily become lost or damaged but this won’t happen with an efficient and well-organised system in place. 

  • Nothing is lost or overlooked. One of the major benefits of a good filing system is the transparency it introduces into an office. Documents and records don’t simply get added to the system and then disappear. They are easy to retrieve and are checked and actioned, if necessary, before being filed. 

  • Integrating past records into future planning. A well-organised system of historical records provides a wealth of information and data that can be used to inform future decision making and planning for the business. This insight can be invaluable, not just with respect to avoiding past mistakes, but also in terms of understanding where the business has come from and the potential it has to develop. 

  • Ensuring legal compliance. Whether it’s tax compliance or regulatory filings, strong records management makes this much easier. Time is not wasted looking for documents that are required, deadlines are not missed and essential information is well-organised and easy to access. 

  • Providing proof or evidence. If the business is ever involved in a legal process a good filing system can support a strong case by ensuring that documentary evidence is preserved. This provides peace of mind on a daily basis when it comes to essential transparency and understanding where the business stands in terms of legal position. 

  • Easier customer follow up. A good filing system makes it simple to follow up with customers, whether that’s with respect to collecting on invoices or developing an existing relationship into further ongoing business.  Individual customer management is easier and informed by transparent records and data. 

  • More efficiency overall. Commitment to a well organised filing system can provide an effective overhaul of daily operations, improving reputation for efficiency, service and accuracy across the business. 

These are just some of the benefits of ensuring that daily operations in your office are supported by a strong filing system. If your business currently struggles with any of the above then it might be time to upgrade your filing architecture. 

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