Why use vertical storage systems?

Vertical storage systems give you options. No matter what the design of your warehouse or office there is often a great deal of wasted space – frequently, this is vertical, as opposed to horizontal. Whether you’re looking to optimise the space available or find a way to cope with increasing demand without paying for larger premises, vertical storage systems could be the way to do it.


Why use vertical storage systems?

  • An option for heavy, high density loads. Using workers to retrieve heavy items can often result in incidents and injuries. Vertical storage systems that offer retrieval too not only cater to heavier items but can improve the way that these are picked too. Many systems can be integrated with other equipment, such as a crane, to ensure that heavy loads are safely and efficiently retrieved.
  • A reliable and flexible solution. Vertical storage systems provide solutions to even the most demanding tasks. They can be used for a wide range of different purposes, from picking small volume goods to working reliably and efficiently in an air-conditioned environment.
  • Optimising storage capacity. With space saving designs and the ability to create storage capacity even in the smallest of spaces, vertical storage systems are a great way to optimise the room that you have. They can also make manual processes simpler, for example reducing the distance travelled by employees.
  • Better ergonomics and efficiency. If you’re looking to upgrade the efficiency of your warehouse or office space, as well as the ergonomics, there are many benefits to investing in vertical storage systems.
  • Integrating software for better warehouse management. Working with vertical storage systems and the appropriate software can make warehouse management more effective and efficient. For example, it’s possible to identify the best way to create faster and more precise picks and to minimise the distance travelled by staff to help improve productivity.
  • Versatility no matter what the different room heights. The modular design of many vertical storage systems means that they can be adjusted to fit the space of the room in which they are functioning, fully making use of all available areas. The design can be adjusted both before and after installation and the access openings can also be modified depending on the space available. If storage systems are moved into a new space the modular design also allows for removals or additions to adapt to any necessary change a different space requires.
  • Significantly reducing storage footprint. Depending on the height of the room in which a vertical storage system is to be placed, the storage footprint can be reduced by up to 85% - in comparison to a conventional storage system. This can be useful where storage capacity is full or where there is a need to create more room by reducing the space taken up by storage.

These are just a few of the reasons why vertical storage is a great idea for many premises, from warehouses to office environments. If you’re keen to optimise your storage needs this could be a great place to start.

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