What Is A Mezzanine And How Could They Help Your Business?

If your business – like many others – is struggling with space issues, a mezzanine could be the answer. This innovative space saving solution is designed to optimise vertical warehouse space, providing more room for essential purposes, whether that’s storage or desks. This elevated floor platform is a cost effective option for any business and has many benefits that could make a tangible difference to your daily operations.

What is a mezzanine?

Warehouse mezzanines are usually made from steel and are free standing. However, a mezzanine can be designed and constructed to suit the requirements and aesthetic of any space. It is essentially an elevated floor that sits between the existing ground floor and ceiling space, providing a solid platform area that can be designed for use either as a storage area or somewhere to accommodate other necessary operations. Many mezzanines are simple to put up, or to dismantle, which gives this type of arrangement a unique flexibility. The design is versatile and can be altered depending on the needs of the business – for example, some can be constructed so as to accommodate a concrete floor.

How could a mezzanine help your business?

  • Solving the need to upsize or move out. Space is one of the biggest constraints that many businesses face. So much so that it may get to the point where it seems that the only solution to current space issues is either to buy more space or move to other, bigger premises. Both of these involve considerable additional expense that may skew budgets and put additional financial pressure on the business. A mezzanine is a simple solution that makes adding more space cost effective. It will enable your business to stay put and avoid the upheaval and additional costs that are involved in moving premises in the middle of a financial year.
  • Give your business room to expand. With the additional space that you can create by adding a mezzanine you can increase the potential that your business has to grow. For many distribution centers and manufacturing plants the issue is not the flow of sales or orders but creating the space in which to house sufficient production, shipping or receiving, and all the ancillary functions that requires. Adding a mezzanine to your existing premises could provide that essential extra room that enables your business to expand and start fulfilling its untapped potential.
  • A versatile solution. One of the major advantages of a mezzanine is that it can be used for almost anything. Whether it’s additional office space or somewhere to sort and process orders, you can design the mezzanine so that it is truly bespoke to what you need. The range of options available also means that it can be constructed in a way that makes it an affordable addition to your premises too.

A mezzanine is a simple and easy to manage solution to issues such as a lack of storage or space. The addition of a mezzanine could significantly benefit your business, in terms of both operations and cost.


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