How can using vertical lifts make your warehouse and stock management easier?

Efficiency in warehouse and stock management makes a big difference to everything, from productivity through to the bottom line. The way stock is handled can transform the business from the ground up and provide more return on investment in floor space, staff and warehousing. Vertical lifts offer one of the simplest and most effective ways to make warehouse and stock management easier, no matter what the industry you’re in.

Savings on floor space

If warehousing space is a burden in terms of cost, vertical lifts can help to make your operations more efficient and require less space to do it. On average, compact automatic lifts save 70-90% of floor space compared to normal storage racks. Whether you’re planning new premises or looking to gain additional floor space to what your business already has this can be a crucial benefit. These lifts are also designed so that they have smaller spaces between the storage trays than other systems, which means they can deliver greater capacity too.

Improving productivity

Vertical lifts are the ultimate efficiency solution to warehouse and stock management because they don’t require operatives to move to reach stock. Instead of horizontal or vertical carousels shifting the entire store around, use of vertical lifts means that only the required item needs to be moved and delivered to the person who requires it. The item selected is delivered individually to the operative and, while that’s happening, the next vertical lift is already in the process of fetching the next item. Vertical lifts streamline the process of stock management and speed it up considerably – by 2 – 4 times the speed of traditional stock handling systems.

Better working conditions for staff

Using vertical lifts makes conditions more comfortable for staff and necessitates less physical effort. The items required are delivered individually and at a comfortable height for the person dealing with them. With vertical lifts you can expect to see gains in productivity and efficiency, as well as a more content workforce. Your staff will be able to do more in better conditions and you’re much less likely to find that your warehouse set up ends up causing claims or complaints when it comes to issues or injuries.

An adaptable stock handling system

One of the major advantages of vertical lifts is that they are easily adapted to the physical environment, even if there are constraints to consider. Vertical lifts can be used to support a range of different functions in warehouse and stock management, including storing components that are part processed, storing finished goods, tool storage, convenient storage of change parts on a production floor and fast and accurate stock handling. They represent an efficient and versatile option for any business.

If you’d like to find out more about vertical lifts and how they could transform your current warehouse and stock management we can help. Contact a member of our team to discuss your current requirements and where you’d like to see improvement in your existing processes.        

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