6 Innovative Warehouse Management Technologies to Adopt

The range of technologies available to warehouse managers today is constantly evolving. Each one offers new solutions and a wide selection of benefits when it comes to productivity and operational efficiency. It’s important to stay on top of the latest developments so as to be able to identify the best new warehouse management innovations to adopt for your business.

  1. Robotics technology. One of the most innovative developing areas in warehouse management, robotics technology offers a range of benefits, from faster cycle times to improved productivity and significant reductions in accidents and incidents. Robotics combines smart software with robots to enable more efficient processes, from packing and moving stock to dealing with inventory.
  2. Machine-to-machine technology. This type of technology is designed to improve and streamline automated warehouse processes in combination with a warehouse management system. Machine-to-machine technology will also collect data that can be used to generate essential insights about the way that a warehouse is run.
  3. Pick-to-Light. Flexible and versatile, Pick-to-Light systems have already been adopted across warehouse management as they deliver a wide range of benefits when it comes to productivity and accuracy. With this technology picking is more straightforward for operators who don’t have to constantly query how many of which items are required, as the system does it for them. Pick-to-Light can also be customised specifically to need.
  4. Voice command technology. There are a range of different functions that can be directed by voice command technology, from picking to receiving and replenishing. The major advantage of adopting systems like this is that they are hands free. All commands are given aurally, leaving operators free to use both hands to complete specific tasks. This helps to improve productivity and also means that less training is required for those who are working with this type of system. Voice command technology also increases accuracy and enables the collection of real time data on warehouse operations.
  5. Put-to-Light. The adoption of this type of technology is designed to help improve systems that are concerned with where to allocate products in a warehouse for orders. Increasing speed of picking and sorting is one of the major benefits of Put-to-Light and retail warehouses often benefit in particular from adopting this technology. Like Pick-to-Light, Put-to-Light is simple to customise so that it is responsive to changing and diverse workflows.
  6. Workforce management technologies. There are a number of different systems that come under the heading of workforce management technologies, all of which can help to improve operations and bring costs down. For example, a learning management system can be crucial with respect to training staff to improve productivity and reduce wasted hours and resources. Labour management systems can provide an essential way to measure productivity while warehouse management systems enable key insight into opportunities to reduce costs across the business.

These innovative warehouse technologies have the power to transform a business, from the way that daily operations are run to productivity and the profit that results.


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