5 ways to get the most of out of your warehouse

Space is a premium in any warehouse today. Frequently, it is wasted whether as a result of poor organisation of areas, overstocking or a lack of priorities when it comes to optimisation. This can cause a whole range of issues and prevent growth. If you want to get the most out of your warehouse then tackling problems of space utilisation with more effective storage is going to be key.


1. Stop overstocking

Too much stock – or over ordering of the wrong kind of stock – can cause serious issues when it comes to space utilisation in your warehouse. In order to get the most out of the space that you have it should be prioritised for the right stock. Start working to identify the oldest and lowest performing lines of stock that could be removed or minimised to make more space. Make sure that premium areas of the warehouse are being used for the fastest moving or highest value stock.


2. Review your storage options

One of the simplest ways to instantly optimise warehouse space is to change the racking and storage that you’re currently using for something more space efficient. For example, if you’re able to match the dimensions of shelves to unit items you can instantly eliminate space waste. Rack elevations can also be adjusted to create more space, and more innovative stacking and storage options integrated to make more use of the availability that you have.


3. Employ a good warehouse management system

A warehouse management system can provide greater control over existing stock management and offer key insights into the way that your warehouse is being utilised. The right technology will be able to show in real time how operations are being handled and provide key data, such as the fastest moving stock and the least popular units. These insights can then be used to reorganise and optimise the space available to ensure that you get the most from your warehouse based on current operational data.


4. Revise the floor plan for greater productivity

In addition to repositioning items, for example to move the fastest sellers closest to picking and packing to minimise shipping times, reworking a floor plan can also include other efficiency adjustments. For example, you can create more space by adjusting a floor plan to change aisle widths and also to alter stacking heights so that there is more room for racking and shelves. There is plenty of technology that can be employed here to make a big difference, including static and mobile shelves and solutions that make better use of wasted space e.g. over doorways.


5. Don’t forget to look up

Vertical space is often wasted in warehouses leaving a great deal of empty air that could be converted to a more productive use. If you’re looking to get more from your warehouse by optimising vertical space you may need to consider different equipment to ensure this is safe, such as vertical lifts and carousels.

Space optimisation is by far the best way to get more from your warehouse and these are some of the simplest ways in which you can use it to make a difference to your business.

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