"We believe that providing internationally competitive products and services to achieve customer satisfaction is absolutely essential. ISO 9000: 2000 is viewed by us as a stepping stone to continuous improvement in quality in order to be internationally competitive.

To achieve this objective we shall:

  • employ staff with proven track records in all key areas;
  • encourage and assist all staff to develop themselves in a positive manner, mainly by 'learning by working' with top class staff members, suppliers, partners as well as the traditional forms of learning;
  • create and maintain a collective commitment to quality, maximise business value, and minimise risk;
  • operate according to best professional practices and technical standards in each of our areas of competence;
  • comply with ISO 9000: 2000 as regards the development, maintenance and improvement of our quality management system.

Our Quality Manual, along with the company procedures and guides shall document, where necessary, best current practices to meet our needs and describe how this system works. All our staff are responsible for the quality of their own work and work done under their supervision, they are also required to understand how this policy affects their role and for achieving the policy's aims. The QMS is thus owned by all staff and their contribution to its maintenance and improvement is required."

G J Roberts
Managing Director

Extracted from the RANDEX Quality Manual on 26 / 09 / 2007.