Important Characteristics of Filing Systems

Files expand and contract within themselves, because new records coming tend to represent the distribution of surnamed present in the area, and inactive records tend to be the same.

Files expand almost entirely based upon customer decisions and cannot be controlled.

Files are similar to Subject Files

Straight Numeric
Files expand with the addition of higher numbers, so expansion will always take place at one end of the file, while older, inactive records tend to be removed from the other end of the file.

Terminal Digit
Files expand uniformly, because new records are filed into 100 Terminals.

The workload in Alphabetical Files and Terminal Digit Files tends to be evenly spread throughout the system, even when the newest files are added.

The workload in straight Numeric Files tends to be concentrated at one end of the files, where the newest records are filed.

Terminal Digit was developed in order to give a Numeric Filing sequence the same properties found in Alphabetical Files, with regard to work load and expansions.

Here is what our customers have to say about Randex . . .
"The installation of Times-2 Rotary Filing Units was carried out, according to plan, in an efficient and friendly manner by the Randex Engineers. My collegues have reacted very positively to the system and I am pleased we made the decision to choose Times-2."
Dagfinn Sovik, Norway

""We were very pleased with the effective an efficient implementation of the Times-2 units.Randex created all the folders with colour labels and carried out the file transfer which enabled us to have a seamless transfer to the new filing system, with minimum disruption for staff. It provided an opportunity to cleanse our files and greatly reduce the filing space . The personnel filing system enables staff to locate files much faster and the "Out-guide" system we have introduced allows us to track files which have been taken out of the main system. RANDEX provided a high standard of customer service throughout the implementation." "
Orla Grimes, Edinburgh

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